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Monday, March 31, 2008

Golden by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Jennifer Lynn Barnes' debut novel Golden follows a young girl who is forced to move from California to Oklahoma after a scandal concerning her mother hits their small town. Felicity, a.k.a. Lissy, is part of a long line of gifted females. Lissy's Sight, as the gift is known, is aura seeing. Shortly after moving to Oklahoma Lissy's Sight begins to grow and she soon learns of a growing enemy in her new school. The novel also follows Lissy as she masters the clearly drawn line that divides the Goldens, popular kids, and Nons, nonpoular kids, at her school.

Those who have read Barnes' more recent novels (The Squad series and Tattoo) will quickly lose interest. The novel is written very methodically and though the plot moves quickly, the read may prove agonizing. However, the final chapters are where Barnes' tantalizing writing shines through, capturing the readers' attention. Though the climax is gone just as fast as it came -- Barnes' trademark style -- it is still heart pounding.

This novel earns its recommendation solely on the ending. So go buy a copy, and while you're suffering through the beginning of the novel, look for foreshadowing, because Barnes delivers them by the bucket load, and get ready for a teeth-clenching finale!

This one gets 4.5 Stars!

P.S. Look for the review on the companion novel to Golden, Platinum, coming soon.

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