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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blog Update

Hola everyone!
Right now the publishing world is releasing a high volume of new novels. With two new series installments last week, one this week, and FOUR next week I am up to my ears in great books!

However they are all series books which, while great for me, are really hard to review without giving anything away. So I will be implementing a new way of doing things:
I will still be posting the title and cover of the novel I am reading, but I will not be reviewing it. Instead I will be rating it. I WILL however review select novels that people show an interest in.

So if you see a book you like comment on the post where I rate the novel. (Nothing fancy just: Please Review, or Interested will work)

This will not only make it a wee bit easier for me, especialy with testing these next two weeks, but it also will make the blog more interactive and gives me a chance to see whose reading.

Thanks for your patience, and for reading,

P.S. There are a TON of new books coming out in May, all of which are single novels, so the blog will return to normal in May.

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