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Monday, April 21, 2008

Born to Ride

Dr. Leslie Cummings' first shot at a novel, misses the mark entirely. The writing is choppy, characters one dimensional, and the plot is nonexistent. The first few paragraphs of the book immediately warn the reader to set the book down. The paragraphs are disorganized and the chapters are completely unrelated to each other. In addition the characters have no depth to them, lacking any descriptions, and there is no plot to the book what so ever. Cummings' writing is rushed at best. Reading Born to Ride is like reading a jumbled mess of sample paragraphs for a second rate ranching guide. The fact that this novel even made it to publishing is a miracle. I would be amazed to see another book hit the shelves and if it does I would not expect any bookstore to pick it up. Overall the best writing in the entire novel is the sham of a book description on the back.

This books is so insufferable that I was not even able to make it past the third chapter. My advice to readers who are looking for a good horse book, walk right past Born to Ride and pick up a Heartland or Chestnut Hill novel. Even though they are in the children's area you will find much better quality writing than anything you'll find in Born to Ride.

1 Stars!

P.S. The day someone can tell me what an in depth description of raising and breeding a herd of sheep has anything to do with a supposed horse novel is the day I'll pick up this book again.

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