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Friday, April 11, 2008

Fantastic Fridays

Welcome to a new section of the blog: Fantastic Fridays!

Every Friday I will be signing on for a special post where I'll blog about the highlights of the week and the goings on in the book world.

Here are some special Friday Favorites:

1. Barnes and Noble has FREE Shipping that guarantees your books will be there in 3 DAYS OR LESS!!!! I stumbled upon this jewel a few weeks ago when ordering the first books reviewed, Golden and Platinum! Though it said three I got the books in one day! Why pay nearly $20 at Amazon for one day shipping, or even $8 for 5-7 day shipping, when you can get the book shipped for FREE in 3 DAYS???!!!!!

2. The 4th, and maybe final, novel in the In or Out series was scheduled for release on March 25, but they announced the date would be moved out to May!!!! However when browsing B& last weekend I found it was available exclusively online!!!!! The author didn't even know that!

3. Secrets of my Hollywood Life: Family Affairs, scheduled for release in May was also online!!!!!

4. Numbers 3 & 4 were not jokes they are really available online!!! The books I am holding in my hand are living proof that they are in fact being sold!!!

All in all this Friday was definitely a Fantastic Friday!!!!

P.S. If you are still a fan of waiting days and overpaying to have your books shipped both novels are also on and

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