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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friends Close, Enemies Closer

Since Friends Close, Enemies Closer is part of a series, which has not been reviewed, I felt that I would be cheating readers if I reviewed the novel. So instead of talking about the book and giving away clues to those who are still reading, or going to be reading, the other books in the series I will be giving a summary of the basic plot for the series and including my view on it.

In or Out is the story of two best friends, Nola and Marnie. When they begin their freshman year at Poughkeepsie Central High School Marnie is focused on one thing, becoming a Major just like her Homecoming Queen sister, Erin. However shy Nola just wants to make it through the first day without breaking into hives. Soon Marnie is swept away into the world of Majors, leaving Nola in the dust. Can their friendship survive in the high school halls?

The novel, as well as the other three in the series, will capture reader no matter their interests. This brutally honest look at what high school can do to girls, as well as friendship, will have girls seeing the "popular" girls in a new light, as well as put their priorities straight.

Every girl, whether transitioning into high school or already their, should read these books. We can all take something from Nola and Marnie's story.

5+ Stars!!!!!!

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  1. omg ive read the first three and i went to the store to get the 4th but they dont have it yet and i need to know what happens because it looks so good and it is bugging the crap out of meeee!



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