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Friday, April 4, 2008

Keeping the Moon

Keeping the Moon by. Sarah Dessen follows fifteen-year-old Colie, a formerly obese teen, as she struggles to find herself. Colie's life has been a roller coaster from day one, between a teen mother and a new town every two months the only constants in her life were the teasing that followed her from school to school and the fifty pounds that shielded her from it all. But when Colie's mother, also obese, develops an aerobics exercise that becomes the new international workout craze, Colie's extra pounds and the constant moving disappear, leaving only the teasing and hurt. Soon Colie's mother is touring Europe for the summer and Colie, lost and rebeling against her mother, is forced to move in with her eccentric aunt for the summer. Little does she know that a whole new life awaits her in the small town of Colby.

Dessen has created a beautiful coming of age novel will captivate readers quickly. Her light and humorous way of tackling important issues keeps teens reading while still making a large impression in their lives. Those who have read Dessen's more recent novel, The Truth About Forever, will find many similarities between the two. But even if you have not, this story will lure you in all the same. With an eccentric group of characters, romantic subplot, and eclectic, funky setting this book is hard not to love.

It's important lessons, beautiful writing, and heartwarming storyline make this novel a must read for all teens.

3 Stars!!!!

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