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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


In this witty companion novel to Golden, Barnes focuses on Lilah rather than Lissy. This time around Lilah finds that like Lissy, she too has a Sight, Retrovison- the ability to see the past. Now on top of keeping an ambitious Fuchsia at bay, she also has a ghostly stalker with a dark past that threatens the life of a fellow Golden. Lilah needs Lissy now more then ever.

Barnes combines her methodical style with a flare of wit and romance that will keep the pages turning. Unlike in Golden, Lilah's Sight experiences are easier to relate to and capture the readers attention much quicker. If the mystery doesn't hook you then the budding romance between the It girl and the bad boy ghost will, and when the climax comes everyone will find something satisfying. Barnes' brilliant combination of social drama, history, love, and loss makes it one of the most heart pounding and memorable climaxes.

Barnes proves that first impressions aren't always right, because this sequel is a hit. In fact it's so good it's Platinum!

5 Stars!!!

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