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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Poison Study

Poison Study is the tale of a young woman, orphaned and abused she killed one of her captors and is now faced with death. However the executioner offers her a chance to keep her life, but at what costs... Yelena is offered the chance to be the Commander's food taster. Even with the knowledge that her life may end at any moment Yelena takes the dangerous position. However with the father of her victim hunting for her head and a deadly group plotting an uprising, poison becomes the least of Yelena's worries.

Snyder's elegant writing and attention to detail hook the reader immediately. However it is Yelena's heart wrenching story, courage, and strength that will draw the reader in. The action, romance, suspense, and mystery create a fantastic novel that has a little something for everyone.

Though the length of the book may seem intimidating for some, I would strongly recommend that EVERYONE reads this novel because it is to good to pass up.

5 Stars!!!!

Side Note: Readers that enjoyed Libba Bray's Gemma Doyle Trilogy will find many similarities between the two. Whether it is the unlikely romance, strong heroine, dark setting, or the dangerous group that threatens the heroine this novel offers many of the same elements and that same enticing read.

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