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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here is the account of sixteen year old Ariel (No, not like the mermaid) as she is dragged cross country on a road trip after a scandal separates her family. After leaving behind her somewhat boyfriend, Dylan, Ariel is less than pleased with the prospect of spending four weeks, trapped in a car with her recently divorced mother and overly mature sister. But staying in the car looks pretty good when she discovers that their car trip is actually a bus trip, with her mother's entire family. However being locked in a bus may be just what Ariel needs to find herself and face her father's betrayal.

Whether you're looking for a light poolside read or a novel with a bit more substance, everyone can take something away from this fantastic novel. With Clark's humorous style of writing and wonderful cast of characters it is hard not to be drawn in. The storyline is cleverly written, seeming nonexistent as readers delve into the laughs and romance of the novel, yet always there to maintain the reader's interest and flowing together beautifully. However it is Clark's light way of handling first love, family disfunction, life altering change, and teenage angst that truly makes this book a gem.

Ariel's journey of self discovery will take readers for a wild ride and leave them with a sense of understanding that other novels of the genre lack.

4 Stars!!!!

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