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Saturday, May 24, 2008


When best friends Halley and Avalon spend a summer apart they come back different people. After spending the summer at a prestigious art camp Halley has grown as an artist, found a new style, and met a new friend who taught her that appearances aren’t everything. However Avalon spent her summer lounging by the pool and buddying up with the head cheerleader Brianna Cho. As the two girls learn more about the other’s summers they find that they have both grown, but not in the same direction. Before they know it their friendship is shattered and it’s time to divvy up sports, friends, seats, and custody of their co-owned puppy Pucci.

The subject of best friends turned enemies is a common theme in many novels. While I never tire of reading about feuding friends, authors need to consider the large number of these books already on the shelves when writing. The novel is good overall but in such a large and popular genre one must write a killer novel in order to stand a fighting chance. I found the plot rushed, the girls slipping from friends to enemies to "frenemies" then back to friends rather quickly and without much substantial reasoning. The characters are developed well but once again the developments are rushed at best. I would however still recommend this book, even with the rushed plot, due to its storyline, humor (usually aimed at Avalon’s bust), and relatable situations.

My recommendation would be to read Frenemies with an open mind and focus on the laughs and cattiness rather than the rushed storyline. I look forward to reading the sequel Faketastic with the hope of a more complex story and the same level of humor.

4 Stars!

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