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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Okay people, this is getting ridiculous. Am I writing all of this for myself? Or are you reading? Is it really that hard to comment?

I'm working hard to improve the blog, but my efforts are wasted if no one sees the blog. So I'm going to give you guys a look at what I'll be doing for you and what I'd like you to do:

Spotlight Series

  • Me: So I've been in contact with some authors and I will be adding a new element to blog: The Spotlight Series! Along with a review on the monthly series I will also be posting an interview with the author, using some questions suggested by you, and possibly a live chat!
  • You: I need you guys to post (during a specified time) questions you have for the author. You also need to become more active, or (DUH) a live chat will be worthless (and embarrassing) Plus I would also take requests for the monthly Spotlight Series and a select few readers will be chosen to write a Reader Review for the series.


  • Me: I'll be adding some polls to the blog so that you can have more of a voice.
  • You: PARTICIPATE!!!!


  • Me: With summer right around the corner I will be reading more and have more free time, so I'd like to start reviewing novels again!
  • You: Be active, tell you're friends, and COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!!!!!

These are only a few things I will be doing to make the blog better and the more involved YOU are the more fun the blog will be.

Keep Reading!

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