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Friday, June 13, 2008

Fantastic Friday

Yes, yes I do know it has been awhile since the last Fantastic Friday but this really is a FANTASTIC Friday!
  1. I received an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of the new novel by the authors of Bittersweet Sixteen and Summer Intern! This new book is titled Jet Set look forward to the review later this month.
  2. They released the cover art for the next TWO Warriors book, as well as the new manga series!
  3. They released the cover art for the next Guardians of Ga'Hoole book. (Even though the last one and the special edition are still sitting on my desk for me to read, I am still excited to see the next book's cover :])
  4. I finally got the first book in Erin Hunter's new series Seekers
  5. Claudia Gabel is SUPER excited to be interviewed for the blog! (get your questions in ASAP!)
  6. I've spoken with the Granite Bay View and might have a piece written on the blog! *Girlish squeal*
  7. Jennifer Lynn Barnes just announced that she has received the ARCs for her newest book Fate the sequel to Tattoo!
  8. It's SUMMER!

Yes it truly is a Fantastic Friday!

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