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Friday, June 20, 2008

Fantastic Friday

  1. I've spoken with the awesome Claudia Gabel and yes, she has agreed to donate...duh,duh,duh(that is a drum roll)... a SIGNED COPY of one of the In or Out books!!!!!
  2. I just read Libba Bray's fantastic blog and she just had an AWESOME-TASTIC rant! Yes I do get excited about ranting :]
  3. I'm adding a new list with links to some of my favorite authors' blogs
  4. I've spoken with the Press Tribune and they are interviewing me for an article about the blog! Yes the blog will soon be famous! Or well in Roseville at least :]

Have a fantastic Friday!

And (gag) all of you Jonas Brothers fans enjoy Camp Rock tonight. (:P Shame on you all Jonas Brothers fans for actually making me say that)

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