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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jet Set

Lucy Peterson is an army brat on scholarship to the prestigious Van Pelt boarding school. The exclusive Diamonds are just brats, gifted with all the money in the world. Sophia is a popper in disguise, selling the secrets of Van Pelt’s most famous students. Oliver is a prince with a heart of gold. What happens when these worlds mix is a first-class tale full of betrayal, love, friendship, and plenty of humor.

Jet Set is a new twist to the classic high school drama. While the idea is great, the execution is anything but. Due to the shortness of the chapters, important events are given only one to two pages and then the book bounces on to another event. The novel’s interest level also rises and dips throughout the story, moving quickly from interesting, important events to minor problems that are used as fillers. This combined with the lack of detail given to important events causes the read to be extremely choppy. The relationship between Lucy and Antony was also a major downfall to the book. The relationship was thrown out of nowhere and then was cast off and picked up again throughout the story. While the relationship was important to the plot, this is another case of a great idea but poor execution. However what the books lacks in plot it makes up for with humor and an adorable ending.

This novel is the perfect choice for someone looking for a light, humorous read. Even with its choppy plot, I would read this book again simply because of its ending.

3.5 Stars!

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