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Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Five

  1. The first contest for the Spotlight Series is up and running! Only problem is that no one is entering! I borrowed these questions from Claudia Gabel herself, from a contest she held earlier this year (in which I won a signed copy of FC,EC) Some of the questions were extremely hard (i.e. What slogan did Lizette come up with for Marnie?) so I took those out and replaced them with easier ones (i.e. What kind of party did Lizette throw Marnie?), thinking that they would be easier, but maybe I was wrong. Let me know your thoughts, as I may consider changing a few of the questions.
  2. Claudia Gabel sent back the interview questions!(Look for the interview next week) She also agreed to donate a SIGNED COPY of one of her books! Yay! Which means that there will be another contest next week. (This one will require nothing from you other than a quick comment) But I can't give away the signed copy until someone wins FC,EC. So enter! Quickly!
  3. I recently discovered the awesome! This website has a huge database of books and you can create a virtual book shelf with all of the books you want to read, are reading, and already have read. I've already built mine (see my faves at the bottom of the blog), go make yours!
  4. Both Ally Carter and Rachel Hawthorne will be in San Francisco and I will get the pleasure of meeting them! *Girlish squeal* But all is not fun and games, I will be getting a special signed copy of Ally's I'd Tell You I Love You, but then I'd have to Kill You for the blog and, if I'm lucky, getting an exclusive interview with her!
  5. I began my work on next month's Spotlight Series (formal announcement of the series coming soon) I already have the banner (which rocks!) and have been in contact with the author.

Even though it hasn't been the most interesting week there is always something happening. Keep reading!

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