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Friday, July 4, 2008

Kitty Kitty

Jasmine Callihan is back and badder than ever!

The day before Jas’s senior year, her father, Dadzilla, suddenly announces that he is moving the family across the world to Venice. Needless to say Jasmine is less than happy to leave behind her great friends and new boyfriend. Her only hope is the college tour that her high school is hosting in San Francisco. Jas is committed to attend the tour; all she has to do is convince Dadzilla that she has changed her ways and is the perfect model daughter. But trouble always has a way of finding her. Her only friend in Venice, Arabella, begins claiming that someone is trying to murder her and before Jas has a chance to act, Arabella is found dead. While the police are convinced it was suicide, Jas knows better. Her funky friend would never have killed herself. Jas takes the case into her own hands and soon she is scouring Venice for clues, before the killer can strike again.

Michelle Jaffe weaves a captivating mystery, combing her witty humor with cold, hard suspense. While it is the humor and suspense the initially grab the reader, it is the amazing cast of characters that keep you reading. From the wild and wacky Hench Twins to creative, savvy Roxy, the characters are hard not to love. Even readers who are not usually fond of mysteries will love it. Kitty Kitty offers something for everyone, fashion, humor, murder, mystery, friendship, and romance. Kitty Kitty is by far one of the best mysteries I have ever read, surpassing the original, Bad Kitty.

I would recommend Kitty Kitty to anyone who loves to read. Whether you’re looking for something funny to read by the pool or a more serious captivating read, Kitty Kitty is the perfect choice.

5 Stars!!!!!!

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  1. I've been wanting to read this book for awhile now! Especially after I read Michele Jsffe's story in Prom Nights From Hell. Excellent review.

    -May (ReaderByBirth from BD)


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