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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tips for Finding a Signing

One of the questions that teens aske me is "How do you meet so many authors?" So I decided to share my method for finding book signings:

#1 An Author's Website is NOT the Place to Look
Updating a website is a lot harder than updating a blog or live journal. These days many authors are using these resources to inform readers. This said, you are more likely to find out about signings on the author's blog or live journal than on their website.

#2 Check Blogs
Once you've found the blogs of you're favorite authors, make a favorites list and check back two to three times a week for the latest happenings.

#3 Once you Find a Resource Use It
If you find an author is having the event at a certain bookstore or is being hosted by a club, check the hosts website. Chances are they run an event program for authors. Checking these websites every few weeks will keep you up to date on who is coming and insure that you know if your favorite authors will be stopping by.

#4 Book Releases Mean Book Tours
When an author releases a new book, they usually follow the release with a tour. Your best bet at meeting an author is right after they release a new book.

#5 Know Your Author
Does your author have a child? If so how old are they? Authors with newborns are less likely to tour than those without.Where does he/she live? Knowing where your author lives is very important. If they have a child they may not tour as much, but they will still make little appearances around where they live. Also, in between book releases authors still make appearances, usually close to home. So the closer you are to the author's hometown the more likely you are to meet them.

That's it! These five tips are a sure fire way for you to meet your favorite authors!
Already I have found two authors making appearances at the end of the month in San Francisco! The more you look, the more you find.
Good luck and happy hunting!
P.S. Here is a tip for once you find a signing:
Always Read the Cliff Notes or Summary
The worst thing that can happen at a book signing is an author or other reader asking you about the book and you forget. Chances are that you may have read the book a few months back and forgotten who some of the characters were or what happened. You don't have to worry about rereading the book, just read a summary or some of the Cliff Notes as a refresher.

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