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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Guest Reviewers

As I said before I've been super busy lately with blog work and I'm starting to feel like I've neglected the main purpose of this blog, reviewing books. I am trying to aim for a review a week, but sometimes that can be hard. So here is where you come in, I'm looking for guest reviewers. If you are interested simply email me the title of a book, your review of it, your name, and your website, if you have one. I will be selecting 2-4 reviewers a month for the blog.

Your review should follow the three paragraph outline and rating system that I use for all my reviews:

First Paragraph: A short summary of the book, without giving away the entire story

Second Paragraph: Your thoughts on the book and support on why you feel that way. (Please try to minimize the use of I and I thought)

Third Paragraph: Your recommendation. Read it, avoid it, and why.

Rating: Chick Lit Teens uses the star system to rate books. 5 means you love it, 0 means you hate it, half stars are accepted.

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