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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Into the Wildewood

After losing her mother, reconnecting with her father, finding out that she’s half elf and defeating an evil red cap all fifteen year old Keelie wants is to relax and spend the rest of her summer like every other normal teenage girl. However her summer is anything but normal. A pricey impulse buy forces her to take a job at the Renaissance Faire. As if that isn’t bad enough, her best friend from her old life is coming to visit, her father is forcing her to help out at the family shop, and a dark magic is brewing in the forest, one that she has to stop. Then there’s the unicorn…

Into the Wildewood is a story with many peaks and valleys in the plot, the valleys being long and tiresome and the peaks being quite short and rushed. Summers uses great detail to describe all aspects of the Ren Faire, as she refers to the Renaissance Fair. This writing style, normally beautiful, is over all wasted. I would have preferred to see the detail lent more to the plot than to the fillers, which are meant only to fill the time between important events, not be the entire story. The writing style is very reminiscent of Nobody’s Princess by Esther Friesner, which I loved. The style is very detailed and methodical, which works great for books such as these. However when writing this way execution is key, if you do not keep the story moving it is very easy to loose the reader, a mistake that Into the Wildewood falls prey to.

The storyline is seemingly nonexistent for the first hundred pages, making it a very trying read. This said, Into the Wildewood is a great choice for a committed reader who is looking for a detailed book, that is also very quirky. However I would definitely not recommend it to someone looking for a light teen adventure or fantasy, as it is not.

2.5 Stars!

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