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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Response: Will Blogs Save Books?

While reading Presenting Lenore's latest post, an interview with a book publicist, I came across mention of an "anti-blog reviewer" article on the Huffington Post website. Obviously this immediately caught my attention. At first I was expecting to be offended by what the journalist was saying. However I found that I fully agree with Lissa Warren. Bloggers need to get down to the serious reviews. Her points were completely valid, we don't need a back story to your review and we don't need to know how you relate to it. Reviewing is persuasive and should be completely subjective, "I" and "I think" have no place in a review.
Warren was not trying to offend bloggers, if anything she was trying to help us. As many know the world of book blogs is growing and as the economy drops more and more, high paid reviewers are loosing their jobs and book blogs are becoming all the more crucial for reviewing and promoting books.
This said I'd like to open it up to discussion: Do you agree with Warren? Does my blog follow the points she stated? Does your blog? What is your reaction to the article?
Head on over to the discussion boards and let me know.


  1. wow...I like reading reviews with someones personal opinion..

  2. Your blog is one of my favorites because it not only is informative, but it has opinions. I am around the same age so i really relate to how you review the books.

  3. Thank you both for your feedback. I love hearing what others think.

    Please don't think I'm saying that it is bad to write a review with a background story or direct opinion. I try to incorporate my opinions without directly stating them, the way I was taught my entire school career. I was simply saying that bloggers should consider writing their opinions in a subjective matter. However I do think there is more than one way to write a review and I too think that the different styles are fun to read. But in the case of this article I do agree with many of her points.

    Thanks again.

  4. I also like to give my opinions in my reviews but i think there has to be something behind them too. When i'm reviewing a book i will give the summery of the book, my opinion, and why i liked or disliked the book. I understand why they would want reviewers to do their best reviews, but we're not getting paid for this (other than authors sending us their books for free, and when that happens the authors obviously like your style of reviewing enough to give you something they worked very hard for, for free.)

    Ok that is my opinion of the article, but i do understand their, and your, point.

    Kayla (Midnight Twilight)

  5. Of course there is a lot we bloggers can learn from the professional reviewers, but I think most book bloggers aren't striving to write "professional" reviews (we aren't being paid after all) and many of our readers like to hear our personal opinions.


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