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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fluff + Sleepless

Fluff-[adj]-The opposite of angst. Mostly consist of romantic stories, or friendship. These always end happily.

Fluff books aren't the thick, complicated stories like A Great and Terrible Beauty or Twilight. Their a fun twist on the basic friendship or romance tales that we all love. These books may seem unimportant but the role they play in the YA book world is anything but. They are the sweet candy of books and without them our beloved epics would have nothing to compare to, nothing to make them seem all the greater.
When school is in full swing and it's hard enough to find time to sleep, let alone read, these fluff books are the perfect piece. With their light storylines they are easy to love and don't take much time to flip through. So next time you're looking for a book and don't have the time to commit to a heavy read, pick up one of these titles and enjoy.


Trinity has a unique gift, the gift to dream lucidly. People in need visit her in her dreams and ask her for help. But for Trinity this gift is more of a curse. Knowing everyone's darkest secrets is a burden that she'd rather be without. Especially the guilt of thirteen year old Kiri, kidnapped and murdered. Kiri had begged Trinity to help her, she knew time was running out. But Trinity had been to late.
A year later Kiri's killer, Raffe, is released from charges and sent to a mental hospital. There a wicked doctor gives Raffe the same ability as Trinity. Now he's free and he's after Trinity, in the one place she can't hide... her dreams.

Sleepless proves that you can't judge a book by it's cover. At first glance it appears to be just another romantic fluff novel. But don't let it's calm cover sway you, Sleepless is anything but. Clark has done a fantastic job of giving the books a spine chilling feel without making it over the top. Rafe's sinister stalking will entice you from page one and have you contemplating the storyline for days after. Even with it's supernatural edge the story is always believable. Much of this is due to Clark's protagonist, Trinity. Her sharp exterior and soft heart gives her a flare that perfectly balances Rafe's wickedness. The romance between Trinity and Dan is a perfect balance to the other worldly plot and helps to lighten the tone of the story. The combination of the romance, sinister plot and complex characters makes Sleepless a captivating read. Once you pick it up you'll never want to put it down.

If you're looking for a fantastic book that will immediately capture you're attention than look no further!

4.5 Stars!

Not convinced yet? Watch the chilling trailer:

Check back later this week for more great titles!

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