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Friday, October 24, 2008

Samurai Girl

"When I was six months old I fell from the sky..."

So begins the description on the back of the Samurai Girl series by Carrie Asai. You may laugh, think it's funny, but don't be fooled. Samurai Girl is nothing to laugh at.

The lone survivor of a plane crash, Heaven was adopted by one of Japan's richest business men, Konishi Kogo. Heaven was raised sheltered and pampered, given everything she could ever want. However on the night of her wedding to Teddy Yukimura, son of her father's business rival, that all changes.
After an attack on the wedding that leaves her only brother, Ohiko, dead Heaven flees into the dark LA night. Everything she know has changed. Her father is not who she thinks he is, her entire life has been a lie. Now someone is after her. Someone who wants her dead.
In order to avenge her brother's death and discover the truth of the secrets that surround her, she must first discover herself. But time is running out. An unknown enemy is drawing closer with every second and it will take everything Heaven has learned if she's to make it our alive.
This high intensity, kick butt series will have you spell bound from book one (The Book of the Sword)
. Asai has woven an intricate plot full of love, loss, betrayal, mystery and action. While the complicated plot makes the books captivating it is the characters that are most interesting. No one is who they seem. Everyone has a secret and in Heaven's world secrets are deadly. Asai takes the characters to another level by adding in letters from the different supporting characters throughout the books. Not only do these letters give you more insight into the characters' thoughts and feelings, but they also provide a lot of the books' foreshadowing.
By the time you reach book six (The Book of the Heart) Heaven will have captured you're heart and have you wanting more. In book six Asai takes the entire story, everything you know and love from the first five, and shatters it.
The story changes, the action intensifies, and every chapter will have your jaw dropping and your head spinning.
The only drawback to the series is the ending of book six. Rather than ending the story Asai leaves it wide open, practically starting a whole new storyline. The ending is truly bittersweet.
While I was disappointed in the open ending, I can't deny that these books (and the movies) have a special place in my heart. If you are looking for a series to fall in love with, this is the series.

5+ Stars!

The Mini-Series:
In September ABC Family aired a new mini-series based on Carrie Asai's Samurai Girl book series. The mini-series consisted of six one-hour long episodes, combined into three two-hour movies and spread over three nights. The movies are based on the first book (The Book of the Sword), the sixth book (The Book of the Heart) and the second book (The Book of the Shadow).
However the series is nothing like the books. For starters they changed Hiro's name to Jake and moved the wedding from LA to San Francisco. More importantly they completely altered the plot. However even with all of the drastic changes, the movies were still, by far, some of the best movies/ TV I've watched in a long time.
When watching the movies you can not compare them to the books, it will ruin both. The movies are a roughly based interpretation of the book series and both are phenomenal in their own right.

Whether you watch the movies or read the books you will fall in love with Samurai Girl.


  1. Oooh...I saw the books at Barnes and Noble, but I didn't know it was a TV show! Looks awesome--I'll definitely check it out!

  2. This looks awesome!


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