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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Study Series Transittions to YA

As many of you may have seen the Study series (Poison Study, Magic Study and Fire Study) are among some of my all time favorite books. The series has it all, magic, romance, action. Yet they have never really taken off with the YA crowd. Most of this is due to the fact that they are classified as a "romance" series.Needless to say that is a major turnoff for most teens. I know it was for me, when I first started reading them, I was a little weary. But to my surprise I found that they were more adventure and mystery than romance.It seems that the publisher has figured this out to, because finally the books are making the transition from romance to YA. However as of yet I don't believe there are plans to transition the third book, Fire Study, to YA, as it is the most adult of the three books.
The new classification calls for new covers. Check them out:


  1. Great covers! I love how they redew some of your favorite covers, don't you?


  2. I'm an avid romance reader, and I haven't been in any bookstores that had these shelved in the romance section. I've only seen them in the fantasy section (which I'm warier of).

    Which isn't to say that people didn't perceive them as romance, I just wanted to point out that 'officially' they weren't marketed as romance.

  3. I think the new covers are great! I haven't read the books yet but I've heard a lot about them.

    Oh, who won the book giveaway? The winner hasn't been announced. And did you like the banner I made?


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