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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender

Alexis thought she led a typically dysfunctional high school existence. Dysfunctional like her parents' marriage; her doll-crazy twelve-year-old sister, Kasey; and even her own anti-social, anti-cheerleader attitude.

When a family fight results in some tearful sisterly bonding, Alexis realizes that her life is creeping from dysfunction into danger. Kasey is acting stranger than ever: her blue eyes go green sometimes; she uses old-fashioned language; and she even loses track of chunks of time, claiming to know nothing about her strange behavior. Their old house is changing, too. Doors open and close by themselves; water boils on the unlit stove; and an unplugged air conditioner turns the house cold enough to see their breath in.

Alexis wants to think that it's all in her head, but soon, what she liked to think of as silly parlor tricks are becoming life-threatening--to her, her family, and to her budding relationship with the class president. Alexis knows she's the only person who can stop Kasey -- but what if that green-eyed girl isn't even Kasey anymore?

Bad Girls Don’t Die is unlike many of the other books I’ve read. Where most authors fill their books with pages of detail and dialogue, Alender has stripped away the fluff, leaving behind nothing but the straight story. The book is written short and sweet giving you just enough to go by, without cutting any corners. The plot moves swiftly, leading you to the climax gracefully with the interest level never wavering.

The fast-paced plot and short details did make character development a bit difficult. I found it difficult to understand what was going on in Lexi’s head most of the time. This was a problem I also had with the minor characters. A lot of their growth and change over the course of the novel seemed to suddenly occur.

Of course, with a book like this, a possessed little sister and haunted house, there’s the issue of how dark and creepy the story actually is. The book needs some creepiness, but not too much. Luckily, Alender found the perfect mix. The book has that air of superstition and chilling writing, without making it frightening to read at night.

While her style of writing did take some getting used to, once I got over the initial awkwardness I found the I really enjoyed Bad Girls Don’t Die. If you’re looking for a quick, fast-paced paranormal read, without sacrificing plot and quality then this is a great choice.

3 Stars!

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  1. That sounds good. I'll have to check that out soon.



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