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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Shiny New Toys...

Okay so maybe they're not toys...but they are shiny!

I'm excited to announce that I officially have Chick Lit Teens bookmarks (because they're way more useful than business cards). This is something I've thought about doing for awhile but never got around to ordering until a few weeks ago. And I'm happy to say that I'm so glad I did. They're absolutely amazing, way better than I would've imagined.

In case you can't see the picture clearly, they say "Find great teen books, read review, meet best selling authors, and more..." They also feature the blog name and address. All on a very cool (very shiny) pink and purple background with flowers.

What do you guys think?

P.S. Thanks to the awesome folks at Small Business Printing who designed and printed the bookmarks.


  1. What a cute idea! I think they're so so pretty. :)

  2. Oooh I've been dying to get some bookmarks for my own blog. Thanks for the recommendation! And I love the design for yours--super pretty!

  3. Oh, those look cool! Good idea, too!


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