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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birthday Extravaganza: Bree Despain

Bree Despain is the author of the upcoming novel, The Dark Divine. I'd just like to start out by saying that this book was fantastic! I'd guessed it would be good, but I had not idea just how awesome it would be. I'll stop gushing now, but if you want to hear more take a look at my review or Bree's website.


Describe The Dark Divine in five words or less.

Prodigal seeks redemption and love

Why did you decide to write YA?

I took a creative writing class in college where we had to write a picture book, a non-fiction article, the first chapter of a middle grade novel, and the first chapter of a YA novel. I sucked at picture books (and probably always will) and thought I wanted to write Middle Grade fiction—until I tried my hand at YA. As soon as I wrote the first few lines of my YA chapter, I realized that was exactly where my voice belonged. It just felt like me. Probably because I constantly have to remind myself that I’m not 17 anymore J

Which one of your characters do you relate to the most? Why?

I love writing Grace because I feel like she is the stronger version of myself as a teenager. In fact, whenever I try to figure out what Grace will do in a certain situation, I think, “What would I have done?” and then I make Grace do the exact opposite. It really is a lot of fun!

Would you rather see your book as a TV show or movie?

Ooh, interesting. Everyone asks me about a THE DARK DIVINE movie, but you are the first to bring up a TDD TV show. Now that I think about it, a TV series would be even cooler than a movie. I can see the 1st book being fleshed out more to become the 1st season of an awesome fun teen drama on CW or FOX. I love those kinds of shows!

Who would be your dream cast?

Well, I’m totally obsessed with the idea of Taylor Kitsch (from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) playing Daniel. If only I could cryogenically freeze Taylor so he’ll stop aging! I also think that if it were possible to bad-boy-up Zac Efron enough, he could make a good Daniel.

Jude and Grace are harder to cast. I always thought of Jude as a young Tom Welling—but Tom is definitely getting way too old to play a teenager. Perhaps Chase Crawford with dark hair? As far as Grace goes, I’m keeping my eye on Emma Roberts. Depending on how she ages, she could play Grace in a couple of years. I also think a younger Taylor Swift with dark brown hair might be a good choice. Grace definitely needs to be played by someone who has a sweet “good girl” vibe, but who is also pretty darn strong-willed.

What was your road to publishing like?

LONG, bumpy, and with lots of unexpected twists and turns. The day my book comes out (December 22, 2009 FYI) will be almost exactly 10 years (!!!) from the day I decided to seriously pursue becoming a published author. It’s been a long road, but every step has been worth it.

What song(s) did you listen to the most while writing?

I love this question because I love sharing my playlist with people. You can check it out here:
But if I were forced to narrow it down to 2 songs, I’d have to say “One with the freaks” by The Notwist, and “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service. Oh, but there are so many other good songs that inspire me! Seriously, check out the playlist.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on a sequel for TDD, and I have many other stories that are competing in my head to be written after that. Most are also paranormal romance, but I also have a sci-fi romance I want to write, and a few humorous realistic fiction stories just to change things up a bit.


Thank you so much Bree! I'm glad to hear there will be a sequel to The Dark Divine!

Now, for my daily contest. Bree generously donated a Dark Divine swag pack. The pack includes:
  • Bookmarks
  • Nail polish (so you too can have awesome purple toes)
  • The Dark Divine soundtrack

To enter simply leave your name and email by midnight EST on October 24.

Good luck!


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