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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday Extravaganza: Hayley Anne Perkins

Hayley Ann Perkins is the author of the upcoming novel, Green. For more information on Green and Hayley check out her website.


Describe Green in five words or less.

Do the five words need to be a plot summary? I'm terrible at short plot summaries, but here's a go: "Teenage universe explores her power." If I can describe it in five adjectives, which would make me quite pleased, as I feel like that plot summary sounds a little like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... and the book is not really all that like TMNT at all, despite both having Michelangelo in them.... I would describe Green as "Funny, sexy, philosophical, mythological mayhem."

Which one of your characters do you relate to the most? Why?

I relate to all of them in some way, and it's hard to answer this knowing that most people haven't yet had a chance to read Green and meet the characters for themselves. I'm going to cop out a little bit and say that I think that I, like most people will, most relate to (MC) Lindy because there's something very compellingly ordinary about her despite being embroiled in fantastical circumstances -- but she's actually a character who is delightfully ordinary, rather than being a blank-canvas vessel of clumsiness and blushing that somehow I'm supposed to find likable. Lindy has definite likes and dislikes, true friendships and friendships of convenience, and reacts to her explorations of the supernatural world in the way that I think I would... with wonder and wit, but also a small struggle to believe that everything is real.

Would you rather see your book as a TV show or a movie?

Well, at the moment, I'm still looking forward to seeing Green as a beautiful hardcover book, but in my daydreams I definitely see it as a movie. It sounds a leeeeetle bit conceited, but I don't think that the plot would work well as a TV show, since it's so multilayered and full. You'd really have to catch every episode for it to make any sense, and I'm not sure that forty-four minutes a week could really delve into the mythos of the Metempsyche universe if you also had to recap its inner workings for new viewers.

Who would be your dream cast?

It sounds totally cliche right now, but I would give just about anything to see Tom Sturridge play the part of Daniel, the romantic lead of the series. He's a phenomenal actor who says so much in scenes of silence, and he's got the closest "look" I've seen to how I imagine Daniel -- a very delicate but strong face, very masculine but beautiful, and a little bit scary behind the eyes when he needs to be. He probably wouldn't be interested in playing a werewolf, though, given what playing a vampire has done to his best friend, so I also like the idea of Avan Jogia, who is closer to the right age, I guess. But I'm a Tom girl at heart.

It's harder for me to place a Lindy that I like, because I'm so protective of her. Kay Panabaker was suggested by one of my Focus Group readers, and she would be OK. The singer Savannah Outen looks similar to Lindy as well, in that they both have very big eyes and kind of round faces.

In terms of any other characters, I'm working on a collection of short stories of their narration that will come out one at a time leading up to the release of Green, so once you read those... you can let me know who you see as the characters! I'm not going to spoil everything all at once!

Outside of writing, what do you enjoy?

I watch a lot of television. I also really enjoy food and cooking, so I do that a lot. My original editor and I actually get together most Saturdays to cook together; it's a LOT of fun. I also worked as a graphic designer for a long time, so I like making digital and multimedia art, but I can't draw at all. AT ALL. Other than that, my day job takes up a lot of time and sends me on a lot of random business trips, so to get in my forty hours a week of writing on top of that, I don't have a lot of time for much else these days.

What is your favorite adjective? Why?

It sounds facile, but I think my favorite adjective is "beautiful." I like its ambiguity and the way it exudes a sort of quiet sigh of perfection.

If you could meet any author (past or present) who would it be?

Only one? I think by default I would need to say J.K. Rowling, because she's influenced the way that I approach reading and writing more than any other writer. If she were to be unavailable, I'd want to meet Jack Kerouac, just to listen to him ramble for a while and how beautiful it would be.

What’s next for you?

Right now, working on getting the Metempsyche series on shelves for everyone to read and -- hopefully -- enjoy. Writing the collection of short stories starring that world's secondary characters. Finishing up my website [a href=, please] to make it full of fun and interesting Green and YA Lit things, and of course blogging [a href=, please] pretty copiously, including the superfun Book Bloggers Get Blogged, featuring the lovely Chick Lit Teen herself, Jessica!

Happy Birthday Extravaganza, Jessica!


Thanks Hayley!

And that concludes my Birthday Extravaganza. I hope you all enjoyed it! Contests will continue running until October 24th, so don't forget to get your entries in.


  1. They say that everyone in your dreams is you. I think it's that way in fiction, too.

  2. This book sounds so intriguing, can't wait to read it, and the thought of Tom Sturridge as one of the characters is an added bonus! :)

  3. Green sounds like a fascinating book! I look forward to reading it!

  4. I love what Hayley said about Lindy as a female lead, and, being lucky enough to have read Green already, I can confirm that it is completely true. Too often characters are laid out for us to try on like an outfit chosen by mom for our very first day of school, but Lindy is relateable while still her own person, and I really do love her so much. When Green hits shelves, millions of YA readers will love her, too!

    I also see TomStu as Daniel! In the face. I just sort of picture him with a curly wig at times for Daniel. A nice curly wig.

    Anyway, I'm so glad to see Hayley Anne Perkins featured on this site! The interview was excellent.

  5. i really am looking forward to this book! It sounds fantastic

  6. Oooh, this book sounds amazing. Can't wait for it to be on shelves!


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