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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Behind the Binding (2)

This time on Behind the Binding I'm going to tell a little story about how I found Lament by Maggie Stiefvater.


About two summers ago I was just starting to branch out with my blog and come into contact more with the online community of authors and book bloggers. As I've mentioned before, some of the first authors I began talking with where Mandy Hubbard and Lindsey Leavitt.

While commenting on Mandy's blog one day I found a link to another new author's blog. There was a contest going on for an ARC but I didn't know much about the book so I didn't enter. I did, however, take a look at her book. It looked interesting enough and I mentally filed it away to look for it later. All I remembered though was the title - Lament - and the cover - a rather artsy cover with a brooding, frightened girl.

I didn't take note of the author's name or the release of the book. I figured that I'd see the cover soon enough and buy it. However, I never saw the cover again - not in stores or online. I did, however, see the title a few more times. But since the cover wasn't the same I just figured it was another book with the same title.

Then, over the summer I read Shiver. When I was putting together my review I went onto Maggie's website to get the cover photo and synopsis. Under "novels" I saw that there was another title listed there in addition to Shiver. Since I enjoyed Shiver so much I thought "why not?" and clicked on the link.

I recognized the title and new cover at first, but it didn't really click. As I scrolled down the page, however, I saw the picture of the old cover. Turns out that the cover, with the girl looking a bit suicidal, hadn't received a lot of
interest from booksellers, so they'd decided to recover it.

Funny how after all that time I ended up finding the book and author, who just happened to be the author of one of my new favorites. Can you say coincidence?

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  1. Cool story! I found LAMENT when Maggie contacted me for a review. I'm so happy she did; I love the book and never saw it in stores until it received the new cover as well.


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