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Monday, December 21, 2009

Chick Chat: Kitty Keswick

Today I have an interview with debut author Kitty Keswick, author of Freaksville. For more information on Kitty and Freaksville check out her website at


Why did you decide to write YA?

I started writing in high school, and the genre just felt natural as I continued to write. I’ve tried a few different genres, but I like YA best. It fits my voice and style.

What inspired you to write Freaksville?

It started from a dream I had and just grew. When I sat down to write it, the words just flowed. I had never had a book come that easily before. The story did go through a few revisions, and I doubled the word count.

How did you decide on your characters’ names?

One of the underlining themes in Freaksville is Names have power. So the names of the characters needed to be important. I chose (Kasey) Maxwell and (Josh) Johnstone for a special reason. Freaksville has a little Romeo-Juliet vibe throughout, although there’s a paranormal twist. The Maxwells and the Johnstones were two real families who lived on the borders of Scotland and England around the 1200–1600. The two families constantly battled over land rights. I’ve twisted history a wee bit to suit my needs; they weren’t warring Lycan clans…or maybe they were? Freaksville also has a magical thread lacing the story arc together—knowing a person’s full name wields a certain amount of power.

Whenever I’m creating a character, I always start with the name first. This helps me shape the person’s character and flesh out his or her quirks. So to me, names do have power.

Would you rather see your book turned into a TV show or a movie?

Oh. tough one. Can I have both? A TV show if it has a long run and syndication would be cool. All the secondary characters could have their subplots told. But to see my books on the silver screen, that’s a dream I think many writers have. Movies generally have bigger budgets so the special effects would be really cool to see. So I’d say a TV show with a movie deal.

Who would be your dream cast?

Maybe Emma Roberts or Jenna Boyd for Kasey. Anna Sophia Robb or Dakota Fanning for Gillie. The guys are tougher. The actors for both male leads would have to be incredible drool worthy. Josh needs jet black hair and bright blue eyes and speaks with a British accent, and G√ľnter is tall, blond, and from Germany. It’s a hard call, because chemistry is so important in a story, and without seeing the actors in action…well, I’m glad I’m not a casting director. It’s a tough job.

If you could bring any character from any book to life, who would it be?

Robin Hood. I’ve had a crush on him since I was four.

What is your favorite adjective? Why?

Gingerly. I like the feeling of tenderness it conveys.

Josh gingerly traced his fingertips against my face.

Beside writing and reading, what are you passionate about?

Movies, England, Scotland…a little bit of everything.

What’s next for you?

I’m the co-president of the Class of 2K10, a group of debut MG and YA authors. That keeps me pretty busy ( Also, at present I’m up to my eyebrows in edits on book two: Furry and Freaked (due out Fall 2010—I actually like editing, and my editor Kat’s eye for the story is wonderful.). And I’m slaving away on the rough draft for book three, which currently is titled Freaked No More (Fall 2011), but that might change.


Thanks for stopping by Kitty!

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  1. Hiya,
    Thanks for the awesome post! Your questions were a lot of fun.

    To celebrate my launch, I'm giving away a free copy of Freaksville this week on my blog.

    Kitty Keswick


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