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Monday, December 28, 2009

Cover Judge

In looking at the results from my survey last week I noticed that one thing is apparent: Cover Judge is overwhelmingly everyone's favorite feature. Let me just say that I'm so glad to hear that! I really love covers and get so excited when I see new covers revealed. I'm very happy to know that you all enjoy my posts (and the covers) as much as I do and don't find my analysis boring or repetitive.

Therefore, without further ado, I present you with the final Cover Judge of the year! This cover is for the newest book in one of my favorite series by one of my favorite authors. I've featured two of her covers already this year and, once again, I've fallen in love.

Only the Good Spy Young by Ally Carter
(How much do you love that title?!)

Release: June 15, 2010

Synopsis (courtesy of When Cammie Morgan enrolled at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women, she knew she was preparing for the dangerous life of a spy. She just didn’t know that life would start during her junior year of high school. But that’s exactly what happened two months ago when Cammie faced off against a mysterious organization called the Circle of Cavan. Now, even Cammie “The Chameleon” can’t hide. Danger has followed her to London where she discovers a trusted ally has been labeled a rogue operative. The Gallagher Girls quickly realize that the Circle’s agents are closer than they’d ever feared—maybe even within Gallagher Academy’s own walls. History of Espionage takes on an entirely new meaning as Cammie and her friends go looking for answers, recognizing that the key to Cammie’s future may lie deep in the past.

Cover: These covers are probably some of my favorites. I'm a huge fan of the continued use of the preppy uniforms. Not only does it tie into the general idea and heart of the books, but it also is very eye catching. The color scheme on this cover is yet again gorgeous. The pink and brown are a perfect combination. Also, once again the picture cuts off the upper portion of the model's head, which plays into the mystery and secrecy of the books.

My one, and only, complaint about this cover is that it feels a bit young. It looks to me like they may have used a different model. She looks a tad younger than the previous model and her stance is not as strong and powerful as that of the previous covers. I'd say it's a bit more whimsical than its predecessors, which is not bad, just different.

Even so, I really like this cover. It has that sophisticated, sassy flair like the rest and definitely will catch people's attention.

P.S. One final thought: I especially like the addition of the umbrella when everything in Cammie's life is crumbling - or shall we say "raining down" - around her.

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  1. I can not wait until this book comes out I read "Don't Judge a Girl by her cover" and I loved it!! :)


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