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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Interview at Book Love: Teen

Rachael over at Book Love: Teen was kind enough to host an interview with me, which went live today. The interview is in celebration of her hitting 50 followers on her blog. Congratulations Rachael!

Now, before you head over to the interview, let me tell you a funny little story about how I met Rachael...

One day I was on Twitter and I saw a Tweet from one of my fellow bloggers saying that her, a few other bloggers and I were quoted in the paperback of Beautiful Americans by Lucy Silag. As soon as I saw that I completely flipped out -- I'd never been quoted in a book before -- and made my dad drive me over to our local Barnes and Noble.

While we were there I decided I'd snap a picture with me and a few copies of the book. We took one picture and while my dad was in the process of taking the second picture, one of the workers came around the corner. My dad snapped the above picture just at that moment Do you see the terror in my eyes in that picture? The oh-man-I'm-screwed-let's-run-before-she-yells look? Well, that's how I met Rachael.

She very kindly told us we were not allowed to take pictures and I, probably way too hyper and giddy, handed her a bookmark and showed her my quote. Apparently my craziness and breaking store policy didn't scare here off, because the next time I was at the store she came over and officially introduced herself. We began talking and she now has her very own blog!


  1. How crazy you couldn't take pictures! I snap pictures of books for authors all the time and I never got told not to. But I'm also sneaky and do it on my cell phone-and at Borders. But that's a funny story and a weird policy!:)

  2. Haha love it! I knew you got at least one photo...I would have let you take more(shh) but you ran out of the store!

  3. lol..i do that too..taking pictures of books..


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