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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blogiversary Bonanza: Victoria Schwab

Victoria Schwab is the author of the upcoming young adult novel The Near Witch, due out August 2011. To find out more about Victoria and her novel, you can visit her website. Here is a bit about The Near Witch:

There’s an old ghost story in the town of Near. It tells of a witch that lived on the edge of the village, and gobbled up all the darkness, and sang the hills to sleep, and loved the children almost as much as the garden she kept beside her house. 

Sixteen-year-old Lexi Harris, the daughter of a tracker, has heard the stories her entire life, first from her father, and then from old Magda and Dreska, who might be witches themselves. Everyone loves to tell the story, but everyone knows a different ending. Some say that the Near Witch blew away on a gust of wind. Others tell of darker things. Of murders and curses and buried bones. 

To Lexi, they’ve always been stories, nothing more. But when a strange and silent boy walks into the village of Near, and then the wind begins to lure children from their beds at night, she starts to wonder if there’s any truth in them. Why are the children vanishing? Who is the newcomer? And could the Near Witch be more than a ghost story?


How did you come up with the title for The Near Witch?
I actually get asked that a lot, and I don't have a particularly clever reply. The town in the book is called Near, and there was a legend about a witch :P I actually had TNW as the working title, but it stuck! I suppose it draws people in because it doesn't quite make sense, if you don't know that Near is the setting. I like that it makes people wonder. 

What is your favorite adjective? Why?
Frenetic. Maybe because I am fairly frenetic, or maybe I just like the way it sounds, all harsh bits that flow off the tongue in a strangely smooth way, but I love it. 

If you could meet any fictional character, who would you choose?
Oh man, that's hard. I think it's a tie between Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments, and Voldemort. 

Why did you decide to write YA?
I didn't, really. I wrote a story, and was then told by my then-not-yet-agent it was YA. I hadn't read nearly enough YA, and so I went on a binge, began to devour YA, realized how much I loved it, and loved the community, and loved the stories in my head that kind of fit, and here I am. I still never write TO YA. 

How has The Near Witch evolved since you first began writing?
Hahah. A LOT. It sold as a little, 50k fairy tale, too sparse and too unsure. Now it's 80k and has all this wonderful WEIGHT. I don't know, it's hard for me to explain, but my editor put it well when she said that in the beginning TNW was sketched out. Now it's a painting. It went through a lot of ugly and a lot of "oh crap, what have I gotten myself into" but it's here now, and somewhere along the way I fell in love with it. I hope others will, too.


Thanks Victoria!


  1. It sounds amazing. I adore fairy tales with WEIGHT. (And I hear you on revising a sketch into a painting!) Can't wait to read it and tell all my friends to read it too!

  2. Great interview! I'm putting this on my TBR list now...

  3. fab interview guys!! Victoria is amazing!!!

    i can't wait for this book to come out!!!


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