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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guest Post: Keri Mikulski

Keri Mikulski is the author of Screwball and Change Up. Her next novel, Head Games, will be out next year from Penguin/Razorbill. Keri is also the author of the upcoming books 4-6 in the Pretty Tough series, the inspiration for this guest post. To find out more about Keri and her series, visit her at her website.

For now, enjoy this hilarious prom-themed guest post from Keri, complete with pictures and an exclusive contest for Chick Lit Teens readers!


The prom season is upon us. How about a dance do over?

What’s the deal with dances, anyway? Do they freak you out like they used to bug me? The pressure of finding the perfect one of a kind dress and a million decisions like who you’re going with, who’s going to sit at your table, what you’re going to eat, whether or not you’re getting your hair done or doing it yourself, the list is endless.

Don’t get me wrong, the prom or dance itself is fun, but it’s like a mini wedding. The prep sucks, but the actual day is worth every minute.

But, wouldn’t it be nice to travel back in time to change some things? 

My Top Three Dance Do Overs:

8th grade Holly Ball - I would have never agreed to ditch my date and spend the whole night dancing and talking with another guy that I liked, but blew me off after the dance to make out with another girl. Sorry, I’m a jerk. And it’s been like twenty years (gulp), so I forget your name, but thanks for the really sweet silver corsage that matched my braces and fake silver jewelry.

8th grade Graduation Dance – Bad decision to wear the strapless flowered poofy dress. I was not ready to give in and face the fact that my body was not made for strapless dresses even with a triple padded strapless Wonder Bra. Consequently, I spent the entire evening pulling the above dress up and worrying about exposing myself. 

6th grade Graduation Dance (we graduated a bunch of times at Maple Shade J) – When a certain boy asked me to dance, who I happened to like, I never should have ran into the bathroom and hid until Journey’s Open Arms was over. I should have said yes and extended my straight arms barely touching his shoulders. Then, he could have reached out and barely touched my waist with his fingertips like everyone else. Instead, while hanging out in a stall, I declared Open Arms our song, and liked him even more.

So tell me, would you re-do a dance? What would you change? Or if you can’t think of a dance do over, tell me about your favorite prom, dance, or formal of all time.

A randomly selected lucky commenter will win one Razorbill ARC or book of their choice from this pile I snagged from my visit to the office ( Here are the deets: Ten days after this post, I will toss each comment into an old Easter Basket and my daughter or dog will pick one winner. The winner will be immediately emailed and announced on my site. Good luck!! J

Thanks for having me, Chick Lit Teens! I’m such a huge fan girl of your gorgeous site. Also, a special thanks goes out to Kristi over at The Story Siren. Since I’m in the midst of planning and penning Pretty Tough Series Book 4 and my main character suffers a serious dance disaster, I had to chat about Dance Do Overs and I cannot wait to read all about yours… And maybe one will make it into my next book (with permission, of course). J Thanks for reading. Hugs.


Thank you, Keri! Now go comment with your own dance do overs, and don't forget to leave your email!


  1. I've never really had anything happen I'd love to do-over. I've always gone to dances with my friends, so I never have guy drama or anything. We always just have a huge blast!

  2. Hi, Erica!! :) That's what I'm leaning towards with my next book.. :) Going with the gang instead of guys - so much more fun! :)

  3. But, then again, my main character's crossed between going with her ex or alone.. Hmm... Back to work. :)

  4. Fun guest post!

    I have a do-over. My sr. year a guy friend asked me to go to winter formal with him, but I went with a "date" guy instead and didn't really end up having fun. I would have had a blast with my friend, I should have done that instead.

  5. Looking back--I would do over the hideous princess style dress I wore to the prom. What was I thinking? Also, the double perm of my long hair and the...wait for it...

    ...ring of daisies on my head. Yes, you read that last line correctly. I wore a
    freaking ring of daisies on my head. I have pictures for proof.

  6. Hmm. Since I'm still in high school, I'm sure there will be plenty of embarrassing moments, but as of now, I haven't had any!

  7. I would do over junior prom. I was guilted into going to it with an ex and I didn't want to go at all so I was horrible to him all night. I still feel bad about after allt hese years.
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  8. Still in high school, but I will keep these things in mind once I (hopefully) get invited to prom.

    I would re-do an 8th grade dance where this guy asked me to dance, but I didn't because my best friend liked him so I left him to go get my friend. It was the last dance and she hadn't danced with him at all, so I wanted to help. Instead he got mad, she got made and it was a mess. However, we are still best friends, but the guy is someone I don't talk to so much anymore. Awkward :)

    willbprez at aol dot com

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  9. Hey, Jessica!! Urgh.. I swear sometimes the word 'date' makes it difficult. :) I agree, friends are so much fun! :)

    Hey, the art girl!! I love it!! Please post pics. :)

    Hi, biclement412! Hope you keep your streak going.. :) But, if not, let me know. :)

    Hi, throuthehaze! Urgh.. So sorry.. Was he a nice ex or did he semi deserve it?? :)

    Hey, MissAttitude (love the name)!! That is awkward.. But, how nice of you to try to hook them up.. :)

  10. Love - love - love the dance do-over list! In 8th grade, I don't recall anyone having a date, but we all danced in a big circle. Totally Catholic school...had to "leave room for the Holy Spirit" and all! :-)

    info at bbphoto dot us

  11. Seriously? Love it, Barbara!! :)

  12. A do over? I'm not sure. Maybe I'd goof off less during college. And you do the strapless gown very well!

  13. Thanks for stopping by, PJ!! :) Oh no.. It was bad. :)

  14. Sophomore year of high school, I would have gone to the winter dance alone, or with my friends, rather than staying home because I didn't have a date.

  15. You definitely scored at your visit to Razorbill! :)

    If I had a dance do-over, I think I would choose not to wear a slip. There were two dances my senior year at which I was totally self-conscious about dancing because every time I put my arms up, my slip was showing (big time).

  16. I really do not believe in do overs because something cold always be worse.

  17. I would have GONE. I was so shy that, when I got asked to the senior prom I blushed, stammered and eventually said something that resembled "NO" and ran off, avoiding that boy for the rest of my senior year.


  18. Hey, jpetroroy! I did the same thing during seventh grade. :(

    Hey, Alyssa! I carried the books all over East Village too. :) Thanks for stopping by. :)

    Hi, Cynthia! So true.. :)

    Hi, Marianne! Awe.. Too cute. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  19. Fun guest post! I'm so jealous of you Americans having school proms so often! (Even if you necessarily don't have a good time each time you go)

    My school had one prom only, when we graduated from high school. It was very formal - long gowns, three-course dinner, waltzing etc. Not as fun as your proms looks like! :)


  20. Haha Keri. Here's my do over but it's not exactly about a dance. How about a HS graduation party?

    So this guy I was in love with all through high school always had his pick of the girls. The next girlfriend more popular and gorgeous than the previous. He and I became friends and he would talk about his problems and I would listen. NO WAY could I compete with the parade of girlfriends. So at a graduation party he corners me and gives me a very sisterly yet long hug. My do over? I should have made out with him on the spot to show him what he was missing all those years and then give him the brush off! Oh well, I guess that's why they're called "do overs."

  21. That was me BTW...

  22. Hmmmm.... i don't have many, and im still experiencing high school drama, but my winterball do-over would be choosing NOT to eat the clams at the chinese place before the dance. I proceeded to spend a large portion of the evening huddled on the floor in the less-than-clean school bathroom.

  23. Hey, YA Vampire Books! Wow.. Your proms sound interesting. I can't imagine waltzing. I'd love to see pics.

    Hi, Julie!! LOL!! Love it, Julie!! :) xoxo

    Hey, InnerMusic! Oh no.. That sucks. Hugs.

  24. Funny memories! I have happy memories of my prom and dances. There are definitely parts of my teen years I would happily do over, but not that. My son who is a freshman says he won’t go to his school prom until he has a driver’s license. This wasn’t an issue for me growing up in NYC. Great topic for YA fiction, though.

  25. Hey, Sarah!! Growing up in NYC - sounds like a blas.t :) Thanks for stopping by. :)

  26. Hands down, my do over would be prom. My mom made my dress and it wasn't ready until the day of. BIG MISTAKE. It was hideous. My mom knew it too. But it was too late to go out and buy something so I had to suck it up. Lesson learned: ALWAYS BUY YOUR DRESS.

  27. I would do over some of my grade 8 winter dance.
    This boy I liked asked me to dance three times, and I only said yes after my friends guilted me into in after the third time. He was a cuite, but I really couldn't dance. ;D Thank god for good friends!

  28. Hey, oc-craze! Yikes... :) Great story.

    Hi, Vikki! No regrets. :) Thanks for sharing!

  29. Congrats, bclement412!! You won!!

    Thanks again everyone for entering. :)


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