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Monday, June 14, 2010

Runaway by Meg Cabot

Emerson Watts is on the run: from school, from work, from her family, from her friends, from herself.

With everyone she loves furious with her for something she can't explain, and nothing but the live Stark Angel fashion show on New Year's Eve to look forward to, Em's reached the end of her rope... what's the point of even going on?

But when she discovers the truth about Nikki's secret, she knows there's only one person she can turn to.

Will Christopher be able to put aside his personal feelings and help her expose her employer to the world? Is it even fair to get Christopher involved—since if he agrees, there's every chance that Stark Enterprises will try to have them both killed—this time, permanently?

Maybe it would be better for Em to just keep on running.

In this third and final installment in the Airhead trilogy, Cabot builds upon the already unique story and deepens the relationships between the characters.

Though I quite enjoyed the first two novels, this novel is by far my favorite of the three. The entire story transformed, becoming more complex and shocking than ever before.  All of the events that made the first two books so intriguing were revisited, and built upon with larger, more surprising developments. The story and characters both matured in Runaway, with Em and her friends coming to life like never before.

I felt that Em really matured emotionally in this novel. For the past two novels she had been grappling with the life-altering surgery that turned her world upside down. She had to learn how to fit into the life she was thrust into, and how to balance it with the life she’d left behind but was still looking to reclaim. In Runaway she finds her inner strength and confidence. She’s no longer trying to be Nikki. She is Nikki. This newfound confidence allows her to tackle some of the underlying emotional issues that had undermined her before she became Nikki. If Em was strong before, she’s kick butt in Runaway

Likewise, the other characters grew and developed emotionally. This growth helped to fuel Em’s quest to uncover the seedy underbelly of Stark Enterprises, as well as her personal growth.

Cabot took the trilogy to another level with Runaway, and threw in even more shocking secrets about Stark Enterprises dealings and their future plans. The final climax was satisfying, if a little bit of a bow wrap. Overall, this was a strong ending to a gripping series.

4.5 stars! 

Other titles in this series: Airhead and Being Nikki by Meg Cabot

Source: Big Honcho Media


  1. I've got Airhead to read, and you definitely have me wanting to move it up closer to the top of Mount TBR. Great review :)

  2. Not read this series..But it's already in the pile.

  3. I've read this series. I loved them. I never would have guessed Stark's secret. It was shocking. =]

  4. I completely agree that this was the best of the three. The first book really annoyed me but I kept going. I love how Em grew into a strong, confident, "pretty" girl.

  5. "Airhead" was the very first YA book (well, past my teenhood) I read! Apparently I need to read the other ones...

  6. I was not happy with the book when I started it. But I loved it. Meg did a great job of it! it was very good!

  7. I haven't read any of these, but I loved your review.

  8. I've read the Airhead and Being Nikki. But, i haven't read this one yet. I can't wait to read it!


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