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Saturday, July 10, 2010

One Night that Changes Everything by Lauren Barnholdt

Release: July 6, 2010

Source: Publisher
Eliza is in a full-blown panic. Her notebook has been stolen—the one that lists everything she wants but is afraid to go after. And the absolute worst person in the world has it: her ex-boyfriend, Cooper. 

Like it’s not enough Cooper was lying to Eliza for their entire relationship, now he and his friends are blackmailing her. They’re giving her just one night to complete the most humiliating tasks on her list or they’ll post her secrets online—including the ones that aren’t just about her. 

Eliza’s sure of only one thing: she isn’t going down without a fight. Cooper may have what’s left of her dignity, but she’s not the only one with something to hide … 

A hilarious and sweet teen novel by Lauren Barnholdt, the author of two-way street.

Secrets. Romance. Reputations on the line. And one epic night, after which nothing will be the same. What’s not to love?

In One Night that Changes Everything, the main character, Eliza, and her two besties, Clarice and Marissa, each had their own unique personality that was completely different than the others. The combination of the three provided for much hilarity, as well as some great dialogue. Even though the girls were vastly different, I liked them all. Their friendship had a great dynamic to it that, in my opinion, was very reflective of real teen friendships. No matter what the other did, they always forgave each other and were there when it really counted.

The inclusion of the secret fraternity-like boys club was a refreshing split from the “mean girls” who usually are pulling the strings in similar scenarios. The whole idea of the secret society was intriguing in and of itself. I really enjoyed getting to see how they worked, as well as the repercussions it had outside of the club. It was all very cloak and dagger, which only added to the intrigue of the novel.

I absolutely adored the fact that everything took place in one night. There was no time to slow down with such a time constraint (not to mention the tasks Eliza had to complete). Because of this, every other page brought another wild surprise that kept me reading. I simply did not want to put the book down

Eliza and Cooper’s rocky relationship made the book all the better. I liked both of their characters a lot and very much enjoyed the verbal sparring that came about whenever they were thrown together (which was often). They had a very Rory-Logan relationship, a la Gilmore Girls. She was the studious one, he the edgy one involved in a secret society. Watching them sift through the remains of their broken relationship throughout the course of the night was both high interesting and humorous. From the cause of their breakup to what transpired during that night – I lapped all of it up.

This is an upbeat chick lit book perfect for a lazy summer day. Once you start reading, there is no putting it down. It may have been my first Barnholdt novel, but I can promise you it won’t be my last.

4.75 stars!


  1. I really liked Lauren Barnholdt's Two-Way Street and read it during a road trip! I hope this one will be as good or even better! Thanks for the review, it excites me more and makes me more anxious to get a copy of this book as soon as it comes out!

  2. @Gilliene: It released this week! :) Better go get your copy.

    I had the pleasure of chatting with Lauren (thanks to Mundie Moms), and she was delightful. I've already bought my copy, which should arrive in a week and a bit.

    I've been hearing great things about this novel, and so I'm MEGA excited to get to read it. This will be my first Barnholdt novel too.

  3. I need to get my hands on a Lauren Barnholdt book. I've heard only great things about her work.

  4. Great review! Two Way Street was really good, so I will have to read this one too!

    Check out my blog-


    PS.I loved the Gilmore Girls reference! :]

  5. @Cass,

    Really? In my country, it isn't yet though... I guess shipping books takes time! :P

    But yeah, since it's already released, I'm guessing I'm just going to have to wait for it a week more! Thanks!

  6. I read Two-Way Street by the same author and enjoyed it. I should pick this one up. Great review!

  7. This sounds awesome! I love the rating too... 4.75 :) and I'm watching gilmore girls right now, the episode where logan and rory have a first official 'date' (ironic haha)

  8. This sounds like a good one! I've been reading a lot of good things about Lauren Barnholdt lately. May have to check her out!

  9. Great review! This one looks promising.

  10. This sounds so cute--I definitely need to read it!


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