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Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend of Epic-ness: Ally Carter

I’ve met Gallagher Girls and Heist Society author Ally Carter multiple times, and it amazes me that every time I meet her, I learn something new. Her July 23rd event at the Stonestown Borders in San Francisco was no different.

With the event being my third, you’d think I’d be bored with all the repeat information, and yet I was not. It kicked off with a Q&A session with the audience, where I broke the ice with the not-so-brilliant question, “Will there be another Heist Society novel?” Yes I knew the answer to my question before I asked it, but someone had to break the ice. (For those of you wondering, there will be another Heist sometime next year). Once the awkwardness of having to ask the first question was out of the way, hands began shooting up. And like Carter said at the start of the event, her fans ask some great questions.

There were the standard questions, of course. Where’d the idea for Gallagher Girls come from? (Watching Alias) Zach, Hale, or Josh? (Mr. Solomon) Will there be movies? (Heist, maybe. Love You, Kill You, nope.)

Other than those, however, most of the questions (and answers) were new to me. For example, Carter shared the story of where the idea for Heist Society had come from, a story I’d never heard before. She also admitted that even though she seems to always write series, she’d like to write a standalone novel after Heist and Gallagher Girls.

One of the biggest topics of the evening was naming. Fans asked about the selection of names for everything from the spy schools in the Gallagher Girls series, to the next Heist book. I was surprised to hear that the idea for the name of Blackthorn Academy actually came to Carter in a dream, and that prior to that someone at the publishing house had dubbed the school the Frome Academy. Personally, I’m very pleased that Blackthorn won. Frome just doesn’t roll off the tongue like Blackthorn. In addition to this, Carter shared two alternative Gallagher Girls titles, one of which was almost used in the series. My favorite of the two, unfortunately, can never be used because it’s not exactly appropriate. It’s too bad, because the title is rather funny.

Once the Q&A session wrapped up, everyone got in line to get their books signed and pose for pictures with Carter. Overall, it was a great event filled with great questions. I’m so happy that I was able to see Ally Carter again and learn more about her wonderful series.


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I love author events. I really need to read some Ally Carter.


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