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Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend of Epic-ness: Maggie Stiefvater

My second and final event of the weekend was Not Your Mother’s Book Club’s private party for Maggie Stiefvater! Stiefvater has been on my bucket list of authors to meet, and I was overjoyed to be able to attend the party.

As it was a private party, the event was hosted offsite at a yogurt shop in Burlingame, called Blush. The shop’s d├ęcor was all a lovely green that matched the green-inked books wonderfully. The NYMBC staff also tied green balloons to all the tables, giving the room an even more festive feel. It was the perfect fit for a Linger party!

Admission to the event included delicious yogurt, a finished copy of Linger, and a chance to mingle with Stiefvater. In the beginning, everyone settled in around tables and booths scattered throughout the shop. While Stiefvater made her way from group to group, I was able to talk with the people at my table, all of whom were incredibly cool. There is nothing better than going to an author signing, because you’re basically in a room full of booklovers just like you. With such a high concentration of booklovers, you end up with a lot of great conversations. There’s nothing quire like discussing revising, writing, blogging, and books like Shiver and The Hunger Games with other avid readers and lovers of YA.

When Stiefvater arrived at our group’s table, she entertained us with some great anecdotes. If you’ve ever read her blog, you know that Stiefvater is rather hilarious and has many stories to tell. We got to hear about when she found out Linger had debuted as #1 on the NYT Bestsellers List (YAY!), how she met her husband, and what happened when she spoke to a group of British school children while in the UK. She also told us that she’s been researching cliffs for one of the three stand-alone novels that she’s working on for Scholastic, which will be published after Forever. By the way, UK cliffs apparently beat California cliffs. Boo.

Rachael (Book Love Teen) and me after the event.
After making her way around to all the groups, Stiefvater opened up the floor to a group Q&A session. This is when the real fun began. It seems that no matter the question, Stiefvater can come up with something hilarious to say.

One of the questions asked was why she decided for the wolves to change in response to the temperature, rather than the full moon. If you don’t already know this, Stiefvater is not a fan werewolves. Shiver was the result of a short story she was forced to write for a contest, prior to which she’d never had any intention of writing about smelly, shedding werewolves. “Sorry Team Jacob,” Steifvater teased. “He smells when he gets wet.” One of the other issues she had with werewolves was that she wanted to write something to make people cry. Losing yourself (or your loved one) for a night just isn’t that big of a deal. “(Heck), you can do that with a Heineken.” After a lot of thought, Stiefvater finally arrived on the idea of changing because of the temperature, which would force Grace and Sam apart for half a year.

Another question I found interesting was why she made Grace’s parents the way they are. I know some people have had an issue with what bad parents they are. Ironically, the most “unrealistic” part of the story, according to some people, is actually one of the only realistic things in the novel. Stiefvater shared the story of how, while visiting schools for Lament, she was shocked and surprised by how many latch-key kids there were in the suburbs. It was from the stories of those kids that she constructed Grace’s parents, who don’t see the need to take care of Grace because “she’s yet to set anything on fire.”

Rachael (Book Love Teen) with our extra goody bags.
Oh, and my sister creeping in the background.
Once again, Not Your Mother’s Book Club threw a fabulous private party. The event was planned wonderfully and Stiefvater was absolutely hilarious. And if that was not enough, everyone got a goody bag of ARCs, Shiver/Linger bookmarks, and other goodies at the end of the event.

Sadly, this event was also the last one with my book buddy Rachael from Book Love Teen before she moved away. And, coincidentally, it was also NYMBC’s girl-in-charge, Jennifer Laughran’s last event before she moves to New York for a year. Because of this, she handed off all the leftover balloons and goody bags to Rachael and me at the end of the event, the later of which we pillaged through over a delicious snack of cupcakes.

What a great weekend!


  1. Looks like tons of fun! I'm jealous :) I would absolutely love to meet Maggie. I'm actually reading Linger right now.

  2. Very cool! I loved seeing her signing in Austin, but this sounds like an awesome party.

  3. I am SO ENVIOUS of you. This sounds amazing. I'm glad you had a great time.

  4. Now I kind of wish I'd tried to get to that party instead of the Kepler's signing. :) I wasn't sure if it was for teens only though....was it? Sounds like a great group! So glad you were able to meet Maggie and have some fun!

  5. Wow - so envious! Wish we had book clubs like that in my area.

  6. wow that sounds so cool, i mean yogurt and arcs and maggie. thats a great party! i especially loved the goodie bags filled with arcs. I wished their was book clubs like this in new york. If there were I would attend. Im always waiting for author events or book festivals.


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