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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's Your St@tus? by Katie Finn

Release: July 1, 2010

Others in the Series: Top 8

Source: Big Honcho Media
Sixteen-year-old Madison still loves logging on to Friendverse to see what her BFFs and her cute new boyfriend Nate are up to. But the latest social networking craze is Status Q, which is all about rapid-fire status updates. When one of Mad’s friends has to pull off a high-pressure heist, the gang relies on Status Q to send coded messages to each other…all in the middle of a school dance! Will up-to-the-minute social networking save the day…or lead to good old-fashioned disaster?
In Top 8, Madison MacDonald dealt with the mayhem that ensued after the hacking of her Friendsverse profile (think Facebook). Katie Finn returns to Madison’s world with What’s Your St@tus?, another social networking-themed tale.

I read Top 8 upon its release two years ago. My recollection of it isn’t much, but when I saw that there was a sequel I thought I’d give it a shot. To my dismay, I found myself having to trudge through the novel. Madison quickly got on my nerves with her naïveté. From sending ill-worded status updates to Status Q (think Twitter) to not noticing what was right in front of her, she was a glutton for punishment. The main plot of the book is the result of one of these not-so-smart decisions. By the time I made it midway through the book, I had all but given up on her and just began shaking my head at her cluelessness.

Chick lit is my genre of choice. Always has been, and always will. And while I do enjoy a good dose of high school drama now and then, this book simply heaped it on a little too thick. The main plot of the book is prom-centered. Therein lays my biggest issue with What’s Your St@tus?. I have no problem with the inclusion of prom in a novel, but when it morphs into the main plot it quickly beings to annoy me. The worry over the dress, and the DJ, and the favors, and the location, and loosing the “sacred” crown was just a little too cliché for me. After awhile it just became mind-numbing.

Even with all of these annoyances, I will say that the ending of the book actually held my attention. Madison, in the spirit of a true dynamic character, finally got some sense knocked into her and devised a plan that made me believe she may not have been as clueless as I’d initially thought. Had the rest of the book been anything like the last twenty pages, I may actually have enjoyed reading it.

Between an annoying main character and an irritating plot, I spent most of this book waiting for it to end. And though the ending helped to vindicate it a bit, I do not see myself reading another of these books anytime soon.

2 stars


  1. I am glad I am not the only one who did not love this book. :-)

  2. I'm not really a fan of chick lit especially when it's combined with school life genre. I've seen this book several times in other book blogs just this week and so I thought it was time to give it a shot but reading your review, hmm... maybe I should just stick to paranormal YA.

  3. i loved "top 8" and was dying to read "whats your st@tus", but after redaing these reviews im not so sure...

  4. ok just because someone said that they didn't like it is their opinion. coming from other girls that I know, they loved it. It shows us that yeah girls get into crappy situations and it is a good series. In my opinion i would recommend this book. But this is just me. You should make your own decisions not having someone make them for you.


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