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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Show Your Love for Mockingjay

We are just three days out from one of the biggest literary events of the year: Mockingjay.

Whether on blogs, in the bookstore, or around Twitter or Facebook, you've probably seen a lot of talk about Mockingjay. For those of you who haven't read it (Why haven't you?!?!), it may all seem a bit odd. So let me just explain it for a moment. Mockingjay is the third (and final) book in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. And, if you hadn't already gotten a sense of it, it's kind of a big deal.

The great thing about The Hunger Games is that everyone can read it. Seriously, anyone can read and love it! Girls and boys, teens and adults, students and teachers -- I've yet to give the book to someone who hasn't enjoyed it. In essence, it's sweeping the nation.

If you're still not sold, you can find my review of The Hunger Games here, as well as my review for the second book, Catching Fire, here. Just beware spoilers.

Now to the point of this post. As the release of Mockingjay grows ever nearer, you may be wondering, "How can I show my love?" Well, here are some ways you can give a little love to this epic trilogy:

Scholastic has set up an official page on Facebook devoted to The Hunger Games. Once you "like" the page, you'll get updates from them with special little treats, like interviews with Suzanne Collins, polls, and more.

This particular style is exclusively online.
Hot Topic has created a line of spiffy The Hunger Games-inspired t-shirts. Proclaiming messages like "Down with the Capitol" and "Girl on Fire," these shirts are sure to be a crowd pleaser for fans of the series. They are a great way to show your support of the series and let other readers know about Mockingjay. You can find all the shirts here. (Can you guess what I'll be wearing on Tuesday?)

P.S. Borders is also selling their own The Hunger Games shirt.

Like the shirts, this next item is another cool way to celebrate the release of Mockingjay. What better way to celebrate than with The Hunger Games board game? Entitled "Training Days," this game allows fans to play as tributes in the days leading up to The Hunger Games. I've yet to see the game in person, but have heard of reported sightings in my area. Needless to say, I'd like to get my hands on this game and see what it's all about. Here's the description from
Coinciding with the release of the third book in the Hunger Games saga this fall, Training Days allows 2-6 players to follow in the footsteps of their favorite Tributes as they compete in the days leading up to the arena. Includes 18 Tribute Cards representing the female and male Tributes from 9 districts, a deck of 45 Challenge cards featuring: 24 Events, 8 Special Events, 10 Alliances, and 3 End of Day cards. Plus, Effort Tokens for each District, Approval Rating Score Board, and 6-sided dice.
I'm not sure about you, but it sounds pretty awesome to awesome to me!

Finally, there's the infamous Mockingjay pin. This symbol has appeared on all The Hunger Games' covers and plays an important role in the story, as a symbol of Katniss' rebellion. These pins, while not the greatest quality, were released last year when Catching Fire came out. You can find various versions of the pin online, but Borders carried a specific one, which I'm fairly sure you'll still be able to find in stores.

Now that you have some ideas, how are you planning to celebrate the release of Mockingjay?


  1. I am so excited for Mockingjay! You have no idea. I've been counting down the days for what feels like forever. When I get my hands on a copy, I plan to ignore homework and school for as long as it takes for me to finish the book. Can't wait till Tuesday!

  2. I hadn't heard about the board game! I'm already deciding which of my friends I'll be forcing to play with me.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! Only a few days until we find out...I linked to this post in my Mockingjay Madness entry:

  4. The Hunger Games is the next book in my reading pile, I'm so excited to read it. And you're definitely right, everybody is telling me that it's a great book.


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