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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Little Angel: Kristi's Call for Support from the Blogosphere

As stated in an earlier post, I have been MIA in the blogosphere as of late. Because of this, I have been behind on reading a lot of my favorite blogs.

Fortunately, I logged on today and saw this post from The Story Siren on my Blogger dashboard. I am so glad I logged on today and saw it, because it just about broke my heart.

Kaylea (featured in the photo above) is Kristi's adorable cousin. Two days ago she was diagnosed with acute lymphocyte leukemia. And just today she underwent surgery. You can read more about it in Kristi's post.

Like me, your heart will probably break when you read it. It is absolutely tragic that such a young, vibrant girl was stricken by such a horrible disease. I cannot imagine what Kristi and her family must be going through, but I do know that I want to help in any way I can. And, hopefully, you do to.

Kristi has asked for the blogging community to help keep Kaylea's spirit high by sending cards and books her way (she is an avid reader). She is also asking for donations for Kaylea's family, who are being hit economically by their daughter's condition. However, above all, Kristi, being her sweet self, just asks for everyone to pray for Kaylea.

Please help Kaylea, Kristi and their family out by keeping them in your prayers and, if you can, consider donating or sending Kaylea something. I know I will be.

My prayers are with you, Kaylea!

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  1. thanks so much for posting about this, Jessica. means a lot to me!


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