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Monday, March 21, 2011

Cover Judge

I'm very excited to be reviving Cover Judge (again). In all the craziness of my junior year, the feature has slowly withered away. Frankly, I find this unacceptable, as it is by far my favorite feature to write. I have long been guilty of judging books by their covers, and drooling over gorgeous covers is one of my favorite pastimes. This week's featured cover just happens to be one I have been, well, obsessed with since it was first revealed.

Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Release: May 24, 2011

For seventeen-year-old Emerson Cole, life is about seeing what isn’t there: swooning Southern Belles; soldiers long forgotten; a haunting jazz trio that vanishes in an instant. Plagued by phantoms since her parents’ death, she just wants the apparitions to stop so she can be normal. She’s tried everything, but the visions keep coming back.
So when her well-meaning brother brings in a consultant from a secretive organization called the Hourglass, Emerson’s willing to try one last cure. But meeting Michael Weaver may not only change her future, it may change her past.
Who is this dark, mysterious, sympathetic guy, barely older than Emerson herself, who seems to believe every crazy word she says? Why does an electric charge seem to run through the room whenever he’s around? And why is he so insistent that he needs her help to prevent a death that never should have happened?
Cover: Before I start, go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor. And if your jaw didn't drop at the sight of the cover, go back and look at it again. I'll wait.

Now then, is it not a gorgeous cover?! The moment I saw it, Hourglass jumped from a if-I-have-a-chance-maybe-I'll-read-it book to a I-will-read-it-ASAP book, which is always a sign of a well-done cover in my opinion. There's so much I could say about the cover, but I think I'll start with something basic: color. The cover does a great job of contrasting cool and warm colors. The cool purple of the walls is balanced perfectly by the warm red-brown of the wood floor, just as the girl's pale skin is contrasted by her black dress and yellow hair. By balancing the colors, the designers were able to give the cover a mesmerizing quality. And while we're on the topic of mesmerizing qualities...the girl is walking on the wall! Or is she falling? I am absolutely in love with the optical illusion that comprises the cover. At first glance it's strikingly eerie, with the girl halted in a graceful, almost zombie-like step. But then after a moment's study, it hits you that she is walking on the wall rather than the floor. Then you pick up on the fact that her hair and dress are falling towards the floor. And then it takes on a whole new sort of eerie. Is she falling? Is she defying gravity? Is there any other cover that can bring up questions like these? I simply cannot look at this cover enough! 


  1. I love how trippy this cover is.I feel like I could stare at it for hours. Plus, I've already heard a lot of people say that this book is fantastic, so I can't wait to read it.

  2. I love the cover! It's eye catching, bigtime!

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  3. Great cover! This one is sure to get teens excited about the books! :-)

  4. That is awesome and creepy in the best way.

  5. I have to admit I have judged many books by there covers too! I remember walking through an airport and spotting the cover of "Chasing After Harry Winston." Thanks for sharing such intriguing covers!

  6. Wow, this cover is great. I love that it looks like the cover is painted with actual paint and not printed!

  7. Why haven't you written in so long?

  8. does this blog still exist?


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