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Friday, July 15, 2011

Yet Another Post About Harry Potter

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you know that the final final Harry Potter film was released today. And being that the book blogging world is a literary community, everyone is posting their own little tribute to or comment about Harry Potter.

That said, I know that there are dozens of bloggers who have written much better posts than this one, thanking Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling for the impact they had on their lives. Harry was, for many readers, the series that started they're love of reading and has spanned their entire childhood and beyond. I only just recently read Harry Potter, as in I read the series last month, so I cannot claim that Harry Potter was my childhood like these lucky readers can.

However, what I can say is thank you, J.K Rowling, for creating such a beloved and magical series. Though I may not have read the books when I was younger, I do feel as though I have grown up with them. Between the films and the books, I cannot remember a grade that went by when I didn't hear about Harry Potter or watch one of the films. I got an education in Harry Potter from countless friends and classmates and neighbors. It was everywhere growing up. So though I may not have read the books, I have always felt that Harry, Hermione, Ron, and all of the other characters were a part of my life.

When I did finally read the books, it only made me appreciate Rowling's contribution to the world of fiction all the more. They were every bit as good as I had been told. I am not surprised that they won the hearts of so many readers, for they were truly lovely.

Last night I was lucky enough to be able to attend a midnight premiere. When I walked through the doors of theater, I was astounded by the sheer number of people there five hours early. The line for my theater was already out the door and wrapping around the building. Everyone in sight was dressed in Harry Potter garb and, as I looked around at everyone, all I could think was that this was the power of the written word. For that one night the story Rowling created united hundreds of strangers, creating a sense of community.

As for the movie itself, it did a marvelous job of capturing the novel, in my opinion. I won't say anything more, as I don't want to spoil it for those who have not seen it.  Though, I would like to say bravo to the producers for giving this amazing series such a wonderful send off.

Even though there may not be anymore books or movies, I know the magic of this series will never truly end. It will continue to live on and be passed from generation to generation. Which is why I'd like to once again thank and applaud J.K. Rowling for creating this magical world that became home for so many children, teens and adults alike.

I hope you all enjoy the final film!


  1. You're lucky in a way that you didn't read HP until recently. You got to read them all at the same time. I read each book as it came out and it was disjointed. I read them all together a few years ago and the books were 10 times more magical. Now I read the entire series every year.

  2. I couldn't agree more. For me, the series will never be over. I can always revisit the books and the movies. This last movie completely blew me away. Thanks, fellow Potter Fan, for helping to thank the woman who changed so many readers' lives :)

    Harry Potter Through My Eyes

  3. You're so right. Harry Potter was one of the FIRST series I ever read (aside from A Series of Unfortunate Events) and it created my love for reading. And it was basically my childhood. I'm so depressed it's over... But at least it ended with a bang! Some of the HP movies have been less than stellar (*couch* the fifth and sixth, yech) but this one was AMAZING. I cried.
    Nice post.

    Check out my blog sometime:


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