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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Hunger Games Sneak Peek

Are you a Hunger Games fan?

(Note: The answer to this question should always be yes. If you answer no, then you had best go buy a copy of the book ASAP. It’s for your own good.)

Well, tonight was a big night for The Hunger Games and its fans. Why, you ask? Because the first footage from the upcoming movie was released!

Here you go for your viewing (and reviewing) pleasure:

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Ta-da! What did you think of it?

My opinion is…well…yes, it was a good teaser trailer. It was not, however, worth sitting through a cross-dressing, very drunk Lady Gaga and the entire VMA award show.

I probably looked bipolar. One second I was shaking like an over-excited puppy, and the next I was staring at the screen in a mix of shock and hurt. Really? That was it? After suffering through VMas, that was all I got?

Still, I have to admit that Jennifer Lawerence made an awesome, kick-butt Katniss. Seeing her in all of her Katniss garb, stalking through the woods, gave me goose bumps. After years of picturing Katniss, the arena, and the rest of her world in my head, it was thrilling to see it brought to life.

March 2012 cannot come fast enough!

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