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Monday, November 21, 2011

Character Chat: Sin and Dice

Today I have a guest post from Dice and Sin, the main characters from Swoon and Swear by Nina Malkin. In honor of the release of Swear and the contest I'm hosting, Sin and Dice decided to put together a special play list exclusively for Chick Lit Teens. Thanks for stopping by, guys!


The Official Sin & Dice Swear Play List

Now that SWEAR, the sequel to SWOON, is officially out in book form—as opposed to us actually going through this stuff—we could relax and have fun assembling these personal playlists. We retraced our story from start to finish and found tunage to convey what we were thinking and feeling at the time. The result is two distinct sonic tasting menus to the action and emotions that unfold in SWEAR. Blues music is basic to our story but we didn’t load our lists with blues. On the flip, we avoided tons of currently popular records you already know. Lots of this stuff is new to us, too—we googled our feelings and discovered songs that went with them. It is emotional — but for comic relief, check out the hairdos and outfits in some of the videos! Sin’s list is the testost-o-rama of harp-heavy rage and braggadocio you’d expect, but it’s also fraught with confusion and, yeah, tenderness. Dice’s is definitely on the girlie side but chock full of attitude too. Plus, we’ve got to thank our friend Rony Corcos for her awesome rendition of “You Throw the Dice.” If you like it as much as we do, get a free download for your own personal playlist by emailing your request to Swoon on! — Candice “Dice” Moskow & Sinclair “Sin” Powers

SIN’s Personal Playlist…

DICE’s Personal Playlist… 

Now that you've seen their playlists, head on over to enter for a chance to win Swoon and Swear so you can learn even more about Sin and Dice.

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