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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy NaNoWriMo!

Happy November, my lovely blog readers!

The start of November means a lot of things for me: my Stanford application is officially in, fall has finally arrived in California, we're one month closer to Christmas, and most importantly, National Novel Writing Month is here!

Is anyone else as excited as I am?

For those of you who are wondering what National Novel Writing Month is, it is a one-month writing challenge. The concept is simple: 30 days, 50k words. Meeting the goal, however, is not quite as simple.

This will be my fourth year participating in NaNoWriMo. Though I've never won, I've always come within 5,000-2,000 words of the 50k word goal. (Well, except for 2009, when I was forced to quit early on in the month because of school. But whatever.) Maybe this year will be the year, or maybe it won't be. All I know is I cannot wait to get started tonight.

Good luck to all my fellow NaNoWriMo participants!

P.S. My username on the site is ChickLitTeens (easy to remember, no?), so feel free to add me.


  1. Yay! Good luck! This is my first year and I'm sooo excited too! I'm going to go add you now =)

    Also, congrats on Stanford!

  2. I'm doing it too :). Just added you on the website (ifmary).

    Good luck !

  3. Good luck! It is also my fourth year and hopefully my third win! Also good luck with your Stanford application. :)

  4. I am doing this for my first time.

  5. Good luck! =) I tried NaNoWriMo last year, but I kind broke some rules . . . I'm not going to do it this year because I'm a little too stressed out and I still got to finish that novel I was doing last year. =D I think I'll do NaNoWriMo next year when I'm a freshman and throughout high school. <3


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