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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Reminder from Miss Manners

Well, hello there, all you lovely blog readers. I hope you are enjoying this fine fall day - or winter day, depending on where you are located.

As a new season begins, I thought I would pop in and give a little refresher on some basic blogging etiquette.

In this crazy new world of blogging and social media, it can be hard to keep all the rules straight. One rule that everyone should know, though, is that there is a time and a place for everything. Review requests, publicizing your book, sharing your blog - all these magnificent things have their proper place, which is not on a social network.

Now, now, I have no problem with you tweeting about your book. Please do! It is a great joy to see new titles, covers and release news popping up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. But, please, keep that on your own profile. Don't send me review requests via Twitter or Facebook. It really is not polite. Nor is it effective, as I will not respond. In fact, I will probably mentally black list you and your book.

I can hear all you authors now, lamenting that you have tried email and no one responds back. For that I apologize. Times are hectic and I cannot always respond to every review request, as I'm sure is the case for many of my fellow book bloggers. Rather than becoming petulant, though, why not view it as a good thing? Maybe not all of us responded zealously or immediately. That sucks, I know. But, in all honesty, it probably is a good thing. It would serve you much better to have someone who is genuinely excited about your book review it or host an interview or giveaway. Just like with publishing a novel, sometimes you have to incur rejections before you can find the right place for your book, the place where it can get all the love it deserves.

Once you find this right place, please do not tell me by posting about your book all over my blog's Facebook page. I get alerted when this happens, and then I will delete the posts and block you. That page is for my blog readers, readers who want to see what I have to say about books. Since I have never read your book or (most likely) heard about it, it does not fall under this category. Sorry, but that is just the way it is. If you don't like it, go make your own Facebook page where you can post to your heart's content.

Bloggers, don't think this rule is only for authors. I am talking to you too. I would not go on your Facebook page and spam you with links to my blog, so please show me the same respect. We are all in this blogging world together. The least we can do is maintain some etiquette.

I would also suggest noting that blog comments promoting your book and/or blog are not much appreciated either. They too will be deleted. If you really want me to like you, leave a thoughtful comment, not an advertisement.

Oh, advertising, such a touchy subject. As of late, it seems the newest craze is advertising anything and everything one posts on their blog on GoodReads.

Don't do it.

Just don't. I won't respond - partly because I am not interested and partly because your "invite" blurs together with the 40+ others I get every week. Sending profuse notifications will most likely result in my blocking you.

Right  about now, a handful of you are probably giving me an indignant look. One that says, "it is hard to get readers. I put so much time into my blog. You don't understand. Who are you to tell me how to go about promoting my hard work?" To you I say, I do understand. It is hard getting readers and keeping an active blog. I have been a blogger for nearly four years, this is not news to me. Sometimes I wish I could get more followers, more readers, more hits. When this happens, rather than spamming other people, I go write more content. I read another book. I do something productive and hope that it pays off. And it almost always does.

So step away from that post button and go write something new for your blog, something that will make me want to come back. Or, if you're an author, go send out more requests via email, so you can find the bloggers who care about your book and can do it justice.

Thank you and have a charming day!

1 comment:

  1. Currently, I'm hardly using goodreads at all anymore. It was too confusing with all the alerts.

    Good post!


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