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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of 2011: Best Paranormal Sequel

For me, the best paranormal sequel of 2011 was...

Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer!
Often, I would finish reading a hundred pages only to realize that all of the events I’d just read about had happened in a mere matter of hours. Calla’s world was constantly changing. In fact, when I finished reading, I was shocked to realize that the entire book only spanned, at most, three days. As far as stories go, that’s not a lot of time, and yet Calla’s life at the end was completely unrecognizable from the beginning of the novel.

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Wolfsbane was a great sequel to one of my favorite paranormal novels of 2011, Nightshade. Oddly, the reasons why I enjoyed Wolfsbane were vastly different than Nightshade. The pacing, characters, even the overall feel of the novel had little resemblance to Nightshade. Still, I found myself highly intrigued by Calla's latest adventure. The thing that really stood out to me about Wolfsbane was the incredible amount of plot development Cremer was able to cram into such a short amount of time. It was a whirlwind read that left me wanting more. I am so happy Bloodrose is coming out in January, because I don't think I could wait much longer for a resolution to Calla's story.

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  1. I agree, this novel was incredibly fast-paced! I adored this book because of Cremer's combination of action and world-building. Great pick!


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