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Sunday, July 1, 2012

An Update on Review Requests

In an effort to better focus my attention on my blog, I will no longer be responding to review requests I cannot accept. Currently, my inbox is acting as more of a deterrent to blogging than a promoter. It is taking a large chunk of my free time to respond to emails; time I feel could be better spent blogging. I will still be reading my emails, I simply will not be responding to those requests I will not be accepting.

This leads me to my second point: I will also not be accepting as many review requests. With college on the horizon, I am facing a debate about whether or not I want to and/or can maintain my blog. I would very much like to continue blogging, but in order to that, I feel I must dial back on my commitments. I hope all of the publishers and authors I work with will understand this decision.

Again, I will still be accepting a small handful of requests, but it will be far fewer than before and I will not be responding to those requests I cannot accept.

Thank you to all those who have worked with me. Hopefully, once I get into a new routine, I will be able to begin accepting more requests again.

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